Thursday, November 02, 2006


A couple of recent pictures. The first was of our pumpkin that we carved for Halloween. The second is Halloween night. The dragon costume is from her birthday and I recently made her a horse costume mostly just because she likes pretending she's a horse so much of the time. At 6:00 pm Halloween night, after vacilating between not dressing up, being a horse and being a dragon, the dragon won. So, here we are at the city's Halloween event. There wasn't much to it, so we walked down the street to a friend's house. They were getting ready to go trick or treating, so we joined them. Here's Dillon & Abby:

Abby would march right up to someone's door and loudly say "Trick or Treat," where Dillon wanted no part of it, even though there was candy involved. So, we only joined them for 2 houses and were done. Last night, she must've been thinking about it because she said "What's that you're supposed to say to get candy from people?" We talked about it again, but explained that Halloween only happens once per year. We had to sympathize with how difficult it must be to figure out the complexities of social norms. She did enjoy the 2 pieces of candy that she got nonetheless.

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