Monday, December 27, 2004

Merry Christmas (aka What's that right there?)

Christmas was so much fun!!! Dave had Christmas eve & day off which was wonderful. Christmas morning, he & I got up and made breakfast while Dillon slept in until after 8:30. We ate breakfast then got down to the business of opening gifts. She didn't quite know what to do at first, then figured it out pretty quickly and turned into quite the expert present opener. This meant we each had help opening our own gifts! She got several books, the Learning Tower I mentioned in an earlier post, and some really cute clothes ("Oh my gosh, how cute!" she declared. Wonder where she got that?!) She's been enjoying her Legos and new Baby Einstein video from Nana and her new tennis shoes, now known as Nana's shoes. She loves her new doll and handmade cradle from Mimi and Addy. The doll has gone through various stages of undress, and is now laying on the floor naked. What is it with kids and dolls having to be naked?! She's tried several of her animals in the cradle and has even gotten in it herself a few times. "Dillon too big" she says about that. She's also really enjoying the Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls that Courtney got her as well as the Magna Doodle. She's decided that it must always have a horsey drawn on it. Unfortunately, she knows how to erase it, so the requests for "draw horsey" are frequent. The horseys get more and more abstract looking as the day goes on, strangely enough!

As she was standing on the Learning Tower watching Daddy put together his dressing for Christmas dinner, she spotted a robot sitting on the table that was Dave's when he was a kid. And thus started the newest and most popular phrase over the last couple of days-- "what's that right there?" It used to be that "what's that?" was good enough, but now it's a whole sentence used very liberally. She wants to know what everything "right there" is. It's pretty cute, I have to admit.

We made the right call in getting a shorter tree for Christmas- she's been fascinated with the ornaments. There's a couple of non breakable ones that are low enough for her to reach and play with but there are frequent requests to be held up to see the ones out of her reach. I'm pretty sure there would have been a toppled tree if it had been a full size one.

Next year will really be fun since she'll have a better idea of what is going on. Dave really enjoyed the staying up late on Christmas eve playing Santa.

We were amazed the other day as she was looking at the keypad to the phone, she said "8, 9 10 11 12" Wow! She wasn't pointing to the right numbers, but she did recognize that those were numbers. She will also say "E, F, R" for letters. She's brilliant, I tell you!

I know all moms think their child is brilliant, but mine really is!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas tree doin'?

We put up the Christmas tree yesterday afternoon. For the sake of my sanity and desire to not have to constantly tell Dillon to stay away from the tree, we chose to get a smaller tree which we have sitting on top of a small table. It's just high enough that she can see it well, but not get a good enough grip on it to pull it over on herself. Or get ahold of the ornaments. Dave did most of the work of putting up the tree, so it now known as Daddy's Christmas Tree. When she woke up this morning, she wanted to know "Christmas tree doin'?" "Umm, just sitting there honey." What else do Christmas trees do, exactly? Just wasn't sure how to answer that question. I'm sure it's just the beginning of many questions that she'll ask that I won't know how to answer.

We got about 3 inches of snow last night. It started snowing yesterday evening and we stepped out on the back patio to see it. Of course, then she didn't want to come in. "Walk in snow!!" We hadn't put coats on, so she was quite upset with me when we had to come in. It's tough to understand the danger of below freezing temperatures when there's all that fun stuff to play in! She was a little happier at being able to leave shoeprints on top of the picnic table and the grill then looking at them from the inside. It's just the little things that make the difference, I suppose. We went out again this morning before I had to leave for work. Bless her heart, between 2 layers of clothes, snowsuit, snowboots, hats, gloves and 3 inches of snow, balance was impossible. She kept falling down, then couldn't get herself up again. "Momma hold you!" she kept saying. Poor thing. She wasn't as upset at having to come in this time!

There's a newfound fascination with the toilet at our house. She drags a stepstool over to the toilet, puts her little seat up there and says "Diaper off!" As soon as she sits down there is a request for "wipee." Then a flush and another wipee request. And another flush. Sense a pattern here? The very vital part of this that is missing is the peeing part. Thus far, as far as she is concerned, the toilet is for sitting and throwing wipees in. Oh yeah, and for sticking you face in and declaring "Smells good!" For all the imitating she does, I'm going to give her full credit for thinking that one up all on her own!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

C'mon Satch-o

She will stand at the back door and yell this outside. Sometimes she even does it when satchmo's not out there, at which time he stands there and looks at me like "what's with her?" She's even starting to be helpful with taking care of him. I can ask her to let Satchmo in and she'll open the door wide enough for him to get in. She knows that he gets a treat when he goes outside, so she starts dancing around say "Satch-o treat." While that sounds really sweet, what she really does is get the treat in her hand, then run off to a corner somewhere and put it in her mouth. It's easy to find her, though- it's whatever corner that Satchmo is also standing in. Eventually she'll hand it over, but often only once it has gotten positively disgusting and slimy. He doesn't seem to be too particular about it and will eat it anyway.

She's developing all these cute phrases that she uses- like "oh no! What happened?"
I guess I've said this to her a few times because she goes around saying it all the time! Anytime she falls down, anytime someone else falls down, anytime one of her babies supposedly falls down or falls over, they get an "Oh no!! What happened?" then a hug and a kiss. She also says "how cute!" or "how pretty!" fairly often as well. Dave was holding her up to the window earlier this evening and she could reach the curtain. She took hold of it to look at it and declared "How pretty!"
"Cuddle mamma" is a pretty popular one as well. She'll follow me around, especially if I'm trying to do something and say "hug mamma!" or "cuddle Mamma!" So, of course I do it happily, because, really, how do you resist that?!

Friday, December 03, 2004



We got about 1/2 an inch of snow this morning, so we did what all kids love to do-- played in it. This is really the first snow fall that she has any awareness of and she had a ball playing in it! At first she just kept walking around, looking at her footprints saying "walking snow?" Then I showed her how to make snowballs and throw them so they'd break. "Momma more!" she said. As further proof that she is her daddy's child, once the snow was more or less gone this afternoon, she kept saying "more snow, more snow." I assured there would be more and then some.

This evening I told her that it was time to go change her diaper and she said "No!" and ran and hid between the fridge and the dishwasher (we have a portable dishwasher) and giggled. She loves to get in between there and have me pretend like I can't find her. So, that's what we did- I'd find her and carry her back to her room. She'd jump off the bed, go hide in the same spot and yell "Find Dillon!" I'd look in the cabinets and in the dog treat jar and in the sink, all the while with Dillon absolutely squealing with laughter. Then, of course, a big production about finding her and carrying her back to her room to start the game all over again.

Once that game was fininshed, she laid on the bed with Dave and said "Daddy tired." She patted him on the back a few times, gave him a hug, kissed his nose and told him the kiss would "make it better."

Isn't she just the sweetest?!