Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are Thanksgiving evening. We had a great day, cooking and hanging out. I took Dillon & Peaches for a walk in the woods. We found several dens of hibernating animals that I sucessfully kept both Dillon and Peaches out of. Dillon was sure that every one of them was for a bear, even though they were all far too small for a bear to get into. Our neighbors across the street saw one in our driveway a couple of years ago & Dillon has never forgotten it. Otherwise, she made creative use of any and every downed branch by turning them all into horses. We had to pet the horses, she rode them, we fed them, and groomed them. Peaches, for her part, ran and ran and ran. Only once did she stay gone long enough to make me worry a little. But return, she did and slept well when we came back in.

So, we explained Thanksgiving as a special day that we think and talk about the things that we are glad we have in our lives. We checked out a book on Thanksgiving from the library, which she's enjoyed. Dave & I said we were thankful for our families, our friends, for the new baby coming, for Peaches and for getting to spend the day together. Dillon said she was thankful for Dimetredon ( one of her toy dinosaurs). What about mom and dad, we said? Yes, she's thankful for us. What about Peaches? Yes, her too. What about grandparents? Yes them, too. But mostly Dimetredon.

I guess it's good to know where you rank.

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