Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A new skill


She wore a shirt with 3 big buttons on it the other day. I saw her putting it on, left the room (probably to go pee for the thousandth time that day...), came back in and it was buttoned. I asked her if she did it herself- like maybe I thought Peaches did it for her or something. She very proudly told me she had. Then yesterday she noticed that the buttons on my sleeves weren't buttoned, so she buttoned these tiny little buttons all by herself! I asked her how she knew how to do it & she said she just figured it out! I know it wasn't because Dave or I taught her- it never even occured to me to teach her how to do a button. She's so proud of herself and I think it's pretty cool how she figured it out without ever really having practiced it- she doesn't really have any shirts with buttons on them.

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