Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hair= food?

Yesterday we went to our homeschool club meeting. It was a science fair day, so I wasn't sure how much there would be of interest to Dillon, but we went anyway. There was a presentation on rockets that she was really drawn to in spite of there being loud aspects to it. She's now saying she wants a rocket like one of the ones we saw there but couldn't launch because we were indoors. It was otherwise too crowded and noisy there for her taste, so we left to take recycling in to the recycling center.

From there we stopped at a horse farm close by and asked if we could visit the horses. They were really nice and spent a few minutes telling us about the horses and such- as well as which fences not to touch since they were electrified. We found a gate that was not electrified and a friendly horse that came right up to us. We stayed for a little while feeding grass and petting the horse until it decided that Dillon's hair looked like a good snack and gave it a little nibble. No permanent damage done, it just scared her a little. To her credit, she went back to petting the horse afterward. On the way out there was a friendly barn cat wandering around that we stayed a few more minutes to pet. She spent the whole way home telling me all about how the cat kept the mice out of the barn and probably had mice in it's tummy. She later woke up from her nap asking why the horse nibbled her hair, though it was a little funnier to her then.

What else is going on?
The ongoing conversation about what it means to be a good pet owner.
Dave is now sick on the day we were going to have a friend and her month old baby over, so we've had lots of conversations about why it isn't a good idea for a baby that young to be around someone sick.
We played with the flashlight (thanks Mimi!) in a dark room for a little while this morning and talked about why shadows looked different depending on close you were to the light.

Now it's time to try to convince her that breakfast really is a good thing.

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O_Scientist said...

Glad I didn't come to the science fair, sounds like too many people for a poor broken-legged mommy ^^

The horse farm sounds fun, even if the horse tried to eat Dillon's hair :)