Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Being 2 1/2....

Had to post some pictures since it's been a little while since I've posted. The painting one is from when she and I were painting one of the walls in her room. She actually did very well with the paint, only getting it on a couple of spots it wasn't supposed to be, including a part of her rear end :) The wall looks really nice and we've gotten another painted since then.

The outdoor pictures are from a recent bike ride. We packed up our dinner, rode for a while, then stopped at this spot off of the rail trail. Dillon & I had stopped there the day before and found it to be such a great place- beautiful view of the river with a small area that Dillon could wade in safely. It was only about 65 degrees out when we were out there, but I had learned from the day before to bring her a change of clothes. So, she got to play a bit, Dave & I got to eat dinner and visit a bit, then I changed her clothes, got her all snuggled in her blanket in the trailer and gave her some food to eat on the ride (since there was NO interest in eating when there's all that sand and water and rocks to play with) and off we went. On the way home we stopped for ice cream since our local ice cream shop was about to close for the season. So, a fun night all in all.

One of my favorite things that she's been doing lately is quoting books. It used to be only occasionally and only the ones that we read a lot. Now it's a lot more frequent and the quotes come from books we have only read a couple of times- provided it's a book she likes. We've been going to the library regularly, which really keeps her interested in books. The current favorite is "If you give a pig a pancake." It's really fun to read it with her because you can start a sentence and she'll finish it for you. And, of course, grins from ear to ear the whole time.

We got her a bike several weeks ago, but it's really too big for her. She's pushed in around, but can't really ride it. So, Dave got her a new one yesterday- more of a big wheel style. She still can't reach the pedals (how she'd get such short legs?!) but can reach the floor and move herself around, which she loves. I'm going to take her to the park today where there are more sidewalks. I'll try to get pictures to post.

Now she's awake, so computer time has ended for a while. I'll try to not wait so long to post next time.