Friday, May 23, 2008

For 2 hours now

She's been talking non stop while running a circuit around the living room. All this while a movie is going. She's wearing me out just watching her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good news

We spent the morning at the hospital, getting a follow up MRI to an incidental finding on Corryn's MRI last year- the one in which we discovered she's need surgery for a tethered spinal cord. The radiologist that read her MRI last year mentioned the potential for something called a dermoid cyst and the concensus was to do a follow up MRI this year to see if it had done anything. At this point, with just the neurosurgeon having read it, she says she sees nothing out of the ordinary. So, good news. Unless a problem develops there should be no further need for MRIs. She gave us the name of someone in Indianapolis to follow up with, so we will do that once we move.

What a relief.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Make me an offer

So, no offer yet from the people that said they wanted to make one. They are nervous first time home buyers. Hey, I've been there, I understand. Really I do. Or at least I did for the first few days after we were told this great news.

Several people have looked at the house. People often slow down when they are driving by the house and seem to take a look. Dave thinks it's because there is a stop sign there, but I prefer to think they are thinking about how much they'd like to buy our house.

It's cleaner than I think it has been in 5 years (shhhhh!!!!) The yard, which looked a lot like the surface of the moon once the snow finally went away, is again green and looking like a real yard. There are flowers planted and looking lovely.


I can't keep this facade of organization and constant cleanliness up much longer.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're gone, we're back

The girls and I made a 10 day trip home to Arkansas. Given the immense number of things that could've gone wrong flying alone with 2 young children, I have to say it went exceptionally smoothly. There were testy moments here and there, plus an always fun dirty diaper change in an airplane bathroom, but overall, no problems to speak of. The day after we got there, there were tornados in the vicinity. The upside of that is that in the process of clearing out an interior closet to get into if needed, I found a huge box of old pictures that I spent the rest of the week going through. It was fun remembering the events in the pictures and hearing the stories of the ones before I was born. Otherwise, I did as little running around as I possibly could. After all the house-prep in the 2 weeks leading up to the trip, I was worn out when I got there and wanted nothing more than to rest. My mom took great care of us.

And speaking of the house- there were 4 showings while we were gone, plus an additional 7 visitors at the open house. Per our excellent agent, one of those visitors to the open house plans to make an offer! They are first time home buyers and are getting their own agent before actually making the offer, but supposedly it's coming. There was also someone that came back for a second showing last night. Dare I dream a second and hope there might be 2 offers on our humble abode?!

Let's keep our fingers crossed!