Saturday, July 29, 2006

updates at last!

I thought I'd take a minute and try to post some updates. Life has been crazy lately- well for the last 15 weeks or so anyway...

Most everyone knows now, but just so it's in here somewhere, I'm now 15 and a few days pregnant. The first trimester was tough. I was so profoundly exhausted that there were a lot of things that got neglected during that time. I wasn't terribly nauseated, but didn't have much of an appetite. I did my best to eat nonetheless. I am finally feeling better and have been able to start exercising again. I even dug out the old heavier duty stroller for Dillon and I to use to go on some walks. With gas almost $3 a gallon here, it seems like a good choice.

Our trip to Little Rock was enjoyable in many ways, though the actual travel part was not. It took us 15 hours to get there because of a flight delay and a missed connection. Then there was the "lost" bag. I'm still dealing with that one.

We've otherwise been enjoying summer a great deal. We started swimming lessons, then dropped out because somewhere about the 4th class, Dillon stumbled while in the water and her face went in. It freaked her out so badly that she would not get in anymore. After 4 classes spent sitting at the side of the pool with her steadfastly refusing to get in, we gave up. I wasn't going to force her to get in, so I didn't see any point in continuing to go. We have gone to the community pool a couple of times and she loved it. It started at zero depth and very gradually gets deeper, so she has a lot of control over how deep she goes.

Last week we went to see that was in Andover for a conference. There happened to be a pond there full of bullfrogs. It was really interesting because there were many tadpoles in the process of turning into frogs and they were all basking in the sun in the really shallow water. Dillon was enthralled. There happened to be a net there, so we caught a couple of different ones so she could touch them. We have spent lots of time talking about amphibians since then- how they start out like fish, breathing only water, then develop the ability to breath air as they turn into frogs. It's way better than learning the ABC's in her book.

In animal news, we are going next saturday to pick up the newest addition to our family. Her name currently is Peaches, though I'm not sure we'll keep it. She's about a year- 18 months old and is quite simply a mutt. A cute one at that. She's about 25 pounds, so just the perfect size. Dillon doesn't know we're getting her and won't be told until the actual pick up time. I simply cannot take that many more questions about when something is going to happen. Already the baby coming is sooooo far away. In any case, she will be beside herself with happiness to have a dog of her own. Maybe then we can stop stalking all the dogs we see in public just for the chance to pet them....