Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random pictures

Lots going on the last few weeks. Here are just a few random pictures from things going on:

1st horse show! All she got to do was lead line (which is essentially just a pony ride) but it was still fun watching the other kids and seeing what she'll be working on in the future.

Dillon and I right before a wedding we went to a couple of weeks ago. She was my date and was so excited to get all dressed up and go!

Corryn with a pull up she found at my mom's house and my shoes from the wedding-

Science experiements- color change milk:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Dillon woke up really early this morning while I still had the news on. We've been talking about voting and what it means. I was explaining to her that Barack Obama won the election and will be the new president. She hasn't seen a lot of the political process since we watch very little TV and was trying to figure out who Obama was. Instead of describing him, I just pointed him out on the TV.

To clarify, she asked: "You mean the one with the really short hair?"

Interesting. Not the man with the dark skin- the man with the short hair. What a great place it would be if that was the extent of the differences we could see in one another- short hair vs. long hair.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did you vote?

I did- on Friday. Indiana allows for early voting. I'm really glad since Dillon woke up vomiting this morning and remained sick the rest of the day. I hate to admit it, but I think that 2 hour lines with a sick child probably would've gotten the better of me.

Here's why I vote:

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trying to find the good

I feel like every post starts with something along the lines of "we're still adjusting...some days are great, some not so much, blah, blah, blah".

There is still just this pervasive unsettled-ness inherent to a change like this. It feels incredibly lonely sometimes.

Today, I want to focus on the good.

The weather is great. The colors are really pretty and it's warm enough to be out there enjoying them. This was the first Halloween we had actual trick or treaters coming to our house. It was kind of funny watching them trying to get us to answer our door when we were out doing our own trick or treating. There's a trick in there somewhere for next year, I'm sure.

We're making friends, finding fun things to do. We've started a gymnastics class for homeschoolers for Dillon and a toddler class for Corryn and me. I even met a mom last week that I really liked. We've started having a regular playdate with one of the girls from the homeschool group we're part of. Her mom and I have very similar homeschooling and parenting philosophies, so I'm thrilled to be getting together regularly with them. Dillon is LOVING the horseback riding. I have to admit that as a horse person myself, I love taking her. I was extremely proud of her last week when she had her first fall off her horse. She got right back on without a single tear.

Dave is enjoying his job. It would be nice if he didn't have to enjoy it so much of the time, but I'm focusing on the good here. The rental house is good. We're thinking about just buying it and staying put for a few years. It makes a lot of sense from a financial standpoint. I keep meaning to take some pictures of it post. I'll get it done eventually.