Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What happens when you don't like your hair brushed

It gets cut shorter. She inherited my touch-me-not-ness when it comes to hair. She does not like it touched, put behind her ears, put up in any kind of holder, brushed or washed. Ever. Without exception. And has no problem telling anyone that makes the mistake of touching her hair that she doesn't like it "messed with." The only way to brush the rats nest of tangles that mulitply before your eyes is to sit her in front of a movie. Therefore, as the person that has to fight this battle, I decided long ago that once she is old enough to take care of her own hair, she can have any length of hair she wants. Until then, it's going to be shorter.

The haircut was surprisingly easy. She was watching a movie, I had scissors ready and simply said "Here's what we're going to do." She went for it and even wanted her bangs cut. She liked it right away and has reveled in the many compliments she has gotten on it. Dave didn't like it at first, but has grown to since then. I think it looks really cute, even if it is a little uneven in the back.

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O_Scientist said...

She looks wonderful!