Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Still here...

Just thought I'd try to stop neglecting the blog and post some recent pictures. We have a teeny, tiny little zoo here that has a petting area. There are several pygmy goats that just had babies. We've made several visits and the girls are just loving it. On top of it, the county fair was this week, so there were more goats to be loved upon there. I'm seeing goats in my future. Little ones :) They are really lovey, though they do chew on everything.

As for life here, there are still changes coming. I still can't say what. After what feels like the longest year ever, I've started reaching out to friends more, so that's helping. I've had more headaches here than I've had my entire life. Recently, after the umpteenth one, with me telling the girls that I couldn't take them to the petting zoo right them because my head hurt too badly, I promised myself that no matter what else was going on, I was going to start managing my own stress. I've gotten a massage, visited a chiropractor (during which I swear every single vertebrae in my back popped!), have been exercising and have been listening to a relaxation CD. What a difference! I can't say I'm all relaxed all the time, but I'm significantly better. We actually spent 3 hours at the fair yesterday & I enjoyed all of it. Up to now my ability to manage 2 young kids alone in public places was more like 1 1/2-2 hours. They loved it, too.

So, one step at a time. As I've started relaxing, I feel much better able to handle everything else. I wish I had done this earlier.