Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting ready for baby sister Jab

No, her name is not really going to be Jab. And to answer the obvious next question, no we don't have a name yet. We're talking about a few, but haven't settled on one yet. I'm 31 weeks along, so we still have time. Besides, I don't think any baby has been traumatized by not having a name at birth, should that be the case.

Today was my midwife appointment & I finally got to meet the third midwife. I really liked her, as I did the other two. I could have any one of the the three of them at the birth, just depending on who is on call at that time.

After the appointment Dillon & I walked over to the hospital and took a tour of the birthing center. They weren't busy at all and the nurse was wonderful in explaining to Dillon what everything was. Something came up that the nurse had to attend to, but we were able to stay in one of the rooms, which gave Dillon the opportunity to ask questions (of course...). Her questions were all good and she said that she liked seeing where baby sister Jab would be born.

On an altogether different and much less happy note, we got a call today that a friend's husband had died. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer around a year ago, then in spring it was found to have spread to his lung. It was the father of one of Dave's med school classmates, but his mother and I have gotten to be good friends. This loss, as well as the recent far-too-early loss of an uncle, really brings home the concept of the circle of life- a loss in their lives, an upcoming gain in ours, but right now I feel really sad for them.

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