Friday, December 22, 2006

She listens a little too closely...

I had a midwife appt today. The midwife commented that the baby is really far down in my pelvis (no kidding.....) Dillon was present for this.

She has recently taken to giving Peaches all the made-up names. Usually they aren't even really words. A few minutes ago, she walked in with Peaches on the leash and asked:

"Would you like to meet my dog, Pelvis?"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Solstice!

It is officially the first day of winter. Well, actually not until 7:22 pm (EST), but hey, why bother with details when there's a reason to celebrate?! Of course, not that I'm celebrating the first day of winter, because, well, I'm not so much. What I'm celebrating is the return of the sun- the days start getting longer from here until the summer solstice! So what if it a mere number of seconds that the day is longer-- it's longer and that's all that matters!!

Dillon was asking what the solstice meant, so I was trying to explain it to her yesterday. I tried in vain to find a picture on the internet that would illustrate the tilt of earth away from the sun. When that didn't work, I tried drawing a picture. I drew a big picture of the sun, then a couple of pictures of the earth tilted forward and away. She seemed to follow, then after this 3 minute explanation was done, she said- "Now draw the earth touching the sun so it burns up!"

I think my explanation was lost on her. Maybe we'll just stick with "Now the sun will be out a little longer each day."

Monday, December 18, 2006

35 weeks

Here's a picture from yesterday. She's giving baby sister a kiss.

Here's another of just me (no small feat since Dillon would jump into all the pictures at the last second...)

Friday, December 15, 2006

The times they are a changin'...

Things feel very topsy-turvey these days. I'm really ready to be done being pregnant- not enough to wish for a premature baby, of course, but just ready for term to be here. I'm uncomfortable and not a lot relieves it- except sitting with my feet up :) And that's just not happening nearly enough. My midwife appointments are now weekly starting this week- I'm almost 35 weeks.

It seems as though Dillon has outgrown naps. That's a harder one for me to deal with, though I have to admit that she really does OK without one. It used to be that she slept horribly at night if she didn't have a nap, but now not so much. She's a little more "fragile" in the evenings, but that can often be attributed to her (inherited from her daddy's) trait of ignoring her hungry belly until she's falling apart. We've been working on that lots and lots lately. She's also gotten a lot better at entertaining herself to give me some work time.

Peaches has taken huge steps in both bravery and stupidity in that when she goes out to pee, she pees, then runs directly into the road. A busy road at that. It's happened twice, making me none too happy either time. I suppose no one clued her into the fact that she shouldn't make her very pregnant owner chase after her in the snow so she doesn't get hit by a car in front of the 3 year old owner. Nor should you spend the rest of the day groveling at having made your owner so angry. It only irritates her more to have you underfoot all day.

Dave is months from finishing anesthesia training. We both marvel at how close after 11 years of pursing this dream. Close, yet far- he's developed serious "short-timer's" syndrome. We've been making some plans for him to work some- as an anesthesiologist- during his ICU training. Just seems unreal- both that it's possible AND the amount of money he can make doing so.

Life's just unsettled right now. Not in bad ways- very exciting way, but sometimes I feel a little like someone at the top of the roller coaster that's headed for an amazing ride- can't wait, but scared to death all the same.

Friday, December 08, 2006


That's what the thermometer says at our house. A balmy 16 degrees with about an inch and a half of snow. Wasn't it 60 degrees here last week?

We played outside a couple of times today until I got entirely too whiny about being cold. Dillon either got cold as well or just got tired of hearing me whine about it, I'm not sure. She had a good time pretending we were penguins in Antartica (no real stretch there...) and that I was protecting her from freezing. My solution was to pretend we were Carribean penguins and go inside. Yes, I realize there is no such thing as a Carribean penguin.

I got tagged by Karen to post 6 weird things about myself.
1) I profess a belief in a desire for homeschooling and teaching things honestly, yet I teach my child about some falsehood as Carribean penguins as a not so clever ploy to get to go inside. In my defense, the wind chill is 5 degrees.
2) Along those lines- I have the coldest feet on a living human being. I wear socks to bed year round and will only go sockless on the warmest of days.
3)I can curl my tongue.
4) I get up between 5:30-6:00 most mornings to exercise. And than I actually do it.
5) I stopped drinking cow's milk after we visited a farm and saw cow's being milked and an explanation of how they separate the baby from the mother after a certain amount of time so the baby doesn't drink all the milk. Dillon was an infant at the time and I was working, having to pump on the days that I worked. It just all added up to being completely repulsed by the thought of drinking a big glass of milk. As if that weren't weird enough, I still eat cheese, though.
6) I hate crowds. I'll go without something from the grocery store if it means I have to go when it would be crowded. Or I'll skip an event if it's more crowd than I think I can deal with.

So there you go...

Friday, December 01, 2006

And what did you learn today Dillon?

"Hey mom, it doesn't hurt when I clip this thing on my tongue!"

I'm so proud.