Thursday, December 18, 2008

Play Therapist

I found a Play Therapist that Dave and I had an appointment with this week. We both liked her a lot and think that Dillon will as well. Dillon meets with her on Tuesday. There will be periodic meetings with us to work things out.

It feels better for me to recognize and acknowledge that the problems we're having aren't going to go away. We have a little girl that is hurting a great deal and we're going to do everything we can to help her feel better. She's looking forward to meeting "the lady who is going to help me feel better."

Still not a lot of detail I know, but just wanted to give an update as to what's going on.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sorry for the absence

The short version is this- Dillon is struggling with this move and her dad being at work so much. I am, too, but can recognize that it really won't be that long that he works so much. Once the hospital is up and running well, things will get easier for him. Anyway, Dillon is struggling. It's been like this low simmer for the last couple of months that has escalated to a full boil over the last few days. I don't want to put details out there right now. We're trying to figure out how to help her and us as a family. She is clearly hurting a great deal and needs... I don't know what she needs, exactly, but we're going to figure it out.