Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"But I don't like to use my imagination!"

This is what Dillon declared when I declined to buy her a very noisy wooly mammoth toy at BJ's one day. I explained that I don't like noisy toys because 1)they make the same sound over and over which I find incredibly irritating and 2) I think toys should be for helping you use your imagination.

Fast forward to that evening. She found a hummingbird feeder that I've never managed to find a home for until we actually have hummingbirds again in the spring. She spent a solid hour pretending to be a hummingbird- first she was an egg hatching, then she'd fly to the door and want to come in, then used her wings to hold the feeder still so she could eat out of it- on and on. Last night, she found a pair of Dave's socks and spent about the next half hour pretending she was a dog with broken legs and they were her casts. She figured out all kinds of ways to do things with 2 broken legs.

It really is unfortunate she doesn't like to use her imagination. I wonder what she'd come up with if she did?!

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