Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's official: She's mobile!

She figured it out last night as she was trying to get to something she wanted.

What was it that finally prompted her to coordinate the separate erratic movements of the upper and lower halves of her body? Her beloved mom? A really interesting toy?

Nope-the dog's nasty rawhide.

No matter where I put them, she seems to have a radar for them and has managed to work her way toward them as she has been figuring out how to crawl. The dog doesn't help in that when I toss it somewhere else, so goes and gets it, then proudly brings it back to where it was-won't fetch anything else, mind you. She doesn't even care that Corryn plays with it. Corryn doens't care about the multitude of little pieces of flotsam and jetsom all over the carpet. For her, the rawhide is key.

So now you know how to motivate your teething baby to crawl. Forget teethers- throw a rawhide down on the floor!


flyingfisher said...

Obviously the dog has the most fun so what's not to emulate!

That's so cool she's crawling.

Anonymous said...

Watch out world, here I come!