Tuesday, September 25, 2007

From the Indy Children's Museum

This place was incredible! We were there from 11-5 and only saw about half of what was there. We hope for the chance to get to go back again.

The handblown glass structure from artist Dale Chihuly

The underside of the huge glass structure:

There was an amazing dinosaur display complete with several little play stations with terrain (caves & simulated water) and toy dinosaurs. They also had a dig site and a very well done scavenger hunt. Interestingly, they had a skull of a dinosaur with a brain tumor.

This is the closest that Dillon needs to be to driving for quite some time:

And as a great way to transition the kids out the door at closing time, they have a parade led by Rex the dinosaur down the spiral ramp straight to the front door. We had to give Dillon a lesson on safe flag waving after she accidently hit Corryn in the head. Corryn was understandably not amused by this.
Dillon has asked several times already to go back. We've promised her we will if we end up in Indiana. She's keeping her fingers crossed (OK, we are too, but as much for the museum as she is).

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veganbaby said...

Looks like a lot of fun!