Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Tooth!

Corryn has her first tooth! I noticed it this morning as she was chewing on my finger. It has just broken through enough to feel & is just barely visible, but it is there nonetheless. It explains her grumpiness over the last couple of days. I thought it was just that she was out of sorts with our travels, but I guess not. I'll miss that toothless grin :)

We're still in Indiana- arrived in Lafayette today after having spent the last 2 days in downtown Indianapolis. We were supposed to have gone to Vinceinnes for a job interview during that time, but the position was unexpectedly filled. So, as a "consolation prize," they put us up in the Embassy Suites in downtown Indianapolis. We visited the zoo and children's museum and are exhausted. We can't complain, though, we had a good time. I'll post pictures when we get back home.

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