Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home again

10 days, 2 interviews, 3 hotel rooms, 4 different airplanes. It's good to be home. Really, it was overall a good trip with some not so great parts to it. It's just difficult to all be in a hotel room together for that long, especially when one member is an infant that sleeps at various times throughout the day. Both jobs he interviewed for have potential; one is almost exactly what we were hoping for when daydreaming about the perfect situation. Flying home went far smoother than flying there and the hour plus drive home- always the hardest part after flying all day with young kids who don't sleep in the car- went pretty well.

I'm going through the pictures I took, but here's one the day we left- Dillon all twitterpated at the trip ahead. Note the oh-so-very-pink Barbie suitcase (nevermind the kid rarely plays with a Barbie...) and the sparkly shoes. In the suitcase? Various toys that never got a moment's attention plus a pair of sandals that never got worn. The providence of childhood- someone else worries about the fact that you'll need underwear for your trip while you focus on the fun stuff :)


Anonymous said...

The only way to travel. Always thinking about how much fun you are going to have. Maybe we should all think like Dillon.

veganbaby said...

Good to see you back! Give me a call this week and we can hang out!

flyingfisher said...

Hey the kid has style! Went shopping with my daughter and she got some Vera Wang shoes not unlike Dillon's. ;-)

Welcome HOME! Glad I can stil say that for not quite one more year!