Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A watched pot...

That's what I feel like right now. Dillon and Peaches are both sticking so close to me that I trip over one or the other of them several times a day. I'm sure they sense something changing. I wish they'd sense the need for them to not be under my feet. At least I've had 3 whole grocery trips now without a single "You look like you're about the bust!" comment from total strangers. All I can think is "Sounds like you already did, my tactless friend- your brain is clearly gone."

Recently a friend asked if I was still glad we got Peaches. Absolutely. She tries my patience at times, but she herself has the patience of a saint. Dillon gives her not a moments peace much of the time, yet Peaches puts up with a lot from her. We've had to remove collars, harnesses and leashes because Dillon spent so much of the time pulling Peaches around- not always gently. More than once I walked up to find Peaches almost bug-eyed while Dillon was again testing the new-found skill of tying something. As testament to Peaches undying tolerance, this is what I walked up to find her calmly lying on the floor wearing the other night:

It was great comic relief to an otherwise stressful, trying day. Gotta love that dog.

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