Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Since I didn't manage to get a Christmas post in, I thought I'd just combine it with New Year's. Here we are Christmas evening after having dinner with some friends. Dillon wanted both of us to hold her, which obviously doesn't work so well with a 12 in height difference between us.

Christmas was wonderful- we spent the day all together playing with Dillon, watching one of her new movies- Cars, which is really cute, by the way and just enjoying our time together. Some friends invited us over for Christmas dinner. They only requested that we bring desert, so it was nice for us to not have to cook much. Dillon has been enjoying her new toys a great deal and is asking about next Christmas already!

As for New Years- it was much like any other day around here except that Dave was home- and not feeling well. The weather was horrible- just above freezing and raining most of the day. Rain on top of snow just does not equal a pretty picture.

Of course, I'm nesting like crazy trying to get everything ready for the baby to come. Most all of the important stuff is done with just a few loose ends to tie up. I want the Christmas tree taken down, but Dillon's having a little trouble with that idea, so we're having to hold off a bit. But, the bag for the hospital is packed, the baby clothes are in the closet, mostly on hangers (Dave got me some more today since I had run out), there are several meals in the freezer with 2 more in the fridge ready to go into the freezer, and on and on. The house looks like a small child lives here and it was recently Christmas, but so be it. I doubt the baby will mind much.


O_Scientist said...

Great picture!!!

Won't be long till little baby Jab will be on the outside!


Anonymous said...

Great photo! Can't wait to meet Baby Jab!