Friday, January 19, 2007

40 weeks

Returned a little while ago from the visit to the midwife. All is fine. Went ahead and made a 41 week appointment, but she says she doesn't think I'll make it that long, just based on our conversation today. No real contraction, just the Braxton Hicks ones, though some of those get pretty uncomfortable. Some mild cramping, some pressure, the baby seems to have dropped a bit more. I declined an exam to check dilation- just didn't see a reason to do it. If I'm not dilated at all, I'll be disappointed, if I am, then I felt like it would just make me feel like it's more imminent than it may actually be. She was fine with that.

Snowing a little here today, though not as cold as the last few days. It's no fun being outside because of our steep yard and the ice that's on top of the snow. Poor Dillon fell on her rear end 3 steps out of the garage this morning. So, we're hanging out inside- just made some chocolate no-bake cookies. Dillon told me she'd play me some music so I could rest for a little while this afternoon. I'm about to take her up on that offer.


Anonymous said...

Tell me about this chocolate no bake cookies! I am craving chocolate!

Anonymous said...

good luck with your upcoming birth! i hope it goes smoothly for you...and happens soon! thanks for checking out my blog, too. hooray for MDC!