Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An epiphany for Dave

Dave: "You know, I never realized how much Dillon is like me until my vacation. I mean, I knew she had some of my traits, but there were so many times over that week that I could totally see myself in the things she did and said and how she reacted to things. I mean, she looks like you but she acts like me."

Uh huh. I told him I didn't ask that many questions when I was that age.

The newest line of questioning is along the lines of- "let's pretend that dinosaurs are still alive. What would happen if one stepped on our car? Then there's the ubiquitous "Why?" of course. It gets more complicated- let's pretend you're me and I'm you and Peaches belongs to someone else and you're trying to fix dinner and I won't let you. Would you like the taste of cherries then?

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