Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A rough week...

It's been a rough week around here! First Dillon was sick, though seemingly for only a short time. Then I caught whatever she had and was sick for 3 solid days, including an ER visit for IV fluids. Dillon was pretty upset by me having to go to the ER, but once we got there and saw that I was really OK, she was OK. She was pretty enthralled by the IV & the fact that we came home with it in place for me to get a second liter of fluid. She also learned a new word- dehydrate- when we were able to compare what was going on with me to the process that makes raisins out of grapes. Hey, education is everywhere! As for me, I'm finally feeling better, getting my appetite and energy back.

Then yesterday afternoon, she was trying to play with something that Peaches kept standing on. She got frustrated with Peaches and grabbed her head, poised to bite her when I grabbed her arm. She pulled away from me and in the process pulled her elbow out of socket- "nurse-maid's elbow." So, on to another trip to the ER. She was scared of having to have a needle in her arm. I didn't know if she'd have to have an IV or not and could only assure her I'd be there with her no matter what. Dave met us in the ER, and they sent us up to the pedi clinic. In the process of waiting to be seen, she popped it back into place herself. So by the time we were seen- which wasn't really all that long- she was climbing on and off the table, waving both arms around, you name it. All was well.

And in true Dillon style, as we were finishing the visit, the pediatrician asked "Do you have any more questions?" Without missing a beat, Dillon said "Why did all the dinosaurs die?"

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