Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"What a great dog!"

That's been the consensus thus far from those that have met Peaches. And she really is. For as much as we loved Satchmo, he was difficult. He couldn't be in public because he'd bite anyone that tried to touch him. He couldn't be out when people were around since he couldn't stop barking whenever anyone would sit or stand. Peaches, on the other hand, is a little nervous around someone new, but warms up quickly and will let anyone pet her. She perks up and stands guard when someone comes in the driveway, but then relaxes once we've let her know it's OK. She loves kids and does her best to keep up with them, even when they scatter in different directions. She was overjoyed when Dillon got up this morning, jumping around and running down the hall. It was the happiest and most playful she's been yet. Being a mostly outside dog for the last few months, she just seems to understand that outside is where she is to relieve herself. She also doesn't seem to have developed a taste for people food, which is excellent. Even if Satchmo hadn't eaten all the ham that caused his death, he was really agressive in trying to get food- often getting underfoot when I was cooking or trying to steal food from Dillon. Hopefully, we can keep her from developing a taste for it. While we probably wouldn't have gotten a dog right now if it hadn't been for Dillon's love of dogs, I'm really glad we have. She really is a great dog.

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