Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Camera!

I finally have a new camera! Here's a couple of pictures that I took yesterday.

That's a lizard she's holding. We thought it was a worm when we saw it this morning, but she excitedly informed me it had legs. She, of course, reached right down to pick it up. Since it was pretty cool this morning, the lizard wasn't moving all that fast, so she got to hold it for a little while. In this picture, the lizard has both of it's front legs on her finger, which she thought was just the coolest thing ever.

Almost as cool as these- her construction trucks. Not a great picture- it was taken with the old, not too good camera. She loves these things, along with the 2 videos of Caterpillar ("Cat") machines that were lent to us from a friend. Much like with the dinosaurs, I've learned far more about construction trucks than I ever felt the need to know. I'm not sure who will learn more from homeschooling!

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