Monday, August 07, 2006


Is she REALLY my dog?

Yep, she's really your dog, Dillon.

The first evening was a little stressful with Peaches nervously chewing on everything and Dillon alternately being hysterically happy, laughing and screaming crying. The excitement of having a dog of her very own was just so much. Yesterday was better, Peaches did a lot less chewing and has already seemed to bond with us some, Dillon in particular. She wants to know where Dillon is at all times and will just sit down and subject herself to the various pokes and pets and tickles by various stuffed animals that Dillon seems compelled to do to her. To Dillon's credit, she is very gentle with her and has only required a little guidance of dog body language ("When she moves her face away, that means she wants a little space." "But I don't want to give her space, I want to love on her!") Last night they layed on the floor while Dillon fed her dog food piece by piece. Poor dog can't get a nap in for anything since Dillon can't leave her alone long enough. On the other hand, the only place she'd sleep last night was on the bed with Dillon. For her part, Dillon's in love and tells Peaches that regularly- "I just love you so much, Peaches!" So far, she's a great dog and it feel like a good match.

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