Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pictures at last

For whatever reason, my computer finally decided to recognize the digital camera card from our replacement digital camera. So, I'm finally able to post some recent pictures.

A quick update first- I went to the midwife on tuesday. Dave and Dillon were both able to join me- this being the first time Dillon has gotten to go. We heard the heartbeat again with no problem at all; Dillon wasas fascinated by the cool dollhouse in the office as she was hearing the heartbeat. We are scheduled for an ultrasound on September 5 at 1:15, then my next appointment is the 7th at 10:00. Dave will be on vacation, so will be able to go to the ultrasound. I'm planning on showing Dillon the video of one of her ultrasounds so she'll know what to expect.

Went to a friend's house today. She's decided she's through having kids and was wanting to get rid of all her cloth diapers. I brought home 2 rubbermaid containers full of diapers today as well as a new diaper pail. This on top of diapers and covers (32 items, some diapers, some covers) that I bought (for REALLY cheap) from a friend a few weeks ago. We are now fully stocked with cloth diapers of all sizes, for alost no money at all. I love hand me downs!

OK- the pictures- some are of a trip to a county fair that a friend of mine and her daughter Kristi (who does a good bit of babysitting for us) took Dillon on last friday while I worked. They said she had a great time- and given her love of animals, I have no doubt she did. The water picture is of a little swimming spot that is walking distance from our house. We went there twice last weekend. The water is really cold, but it didn't stop Dillon from wading right in, pretending to be a dog swimming (no surprise there!)

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