Sunday, August 20, 2006

Being 3 1/2...

is a challenging thing, I think. Seems like there are leaps and bounds in some areas- she's doing all this "reading" all on her own now. She's using phrases from books in everyday conversation, as in "there's a plane exclaimed the cat!" one day when she was pretending to be a cat and saw a plane. The questions are as prolific as ever, but are getting more complex. But at the same time, any upset results in hysterical screaming- or if it happens to be Peaches doing the upsetting, she hits or kicks at Peaches. For a kid who has absolutely no problem with using words to express herself any other time, she seems to have lost all ability to do so when upset about something. I've been buying cheese in these individually wrapped "sticks." We've had square ones and round ones. I made the mistake of buying the square ones at the last grocery store visit when she had secretly decided that the round ones were her favorite. Almost every morning since I bought groceries, she has spent several minutes crying over the fact that I got the wrong stick cheese. Ugh.

It'll pass, I know. Please let it be sooner versus later.

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