Sunday, July 25, 2004

New words

I can wear dad's clothes (from 25 years ago)! Posted by Hello

Dillon found a box of Dave's old clothes and pulled this shirt out (along with all the rest of them).  She was quite insistent she get to wear this one and was fascinated by the stars on the sleeves.  She sat in the floor for several minutes saying "" pointing to each one of them.  Who knew 25 year old clothing could be educational?

She is saying new words at an amazing rate!  The shirt prompted "star, " though she already had a sign for it.  We were sitting outside on the step and she very clearly proclaimed "step!"  She almost fell down inside and declared "whoa!" as I always do when she almost falls.  Last night Satchmo was whining and Dave said "Satchmo, PLEASE."  Dillon further emphasized the need for him to be quiet by reinterating "PEES!!"  We're just glad that's the word she chose to pick up :) She has also christened Satchmo with a name-- "gooboy."  It comes from the praise he gets each time he is willing to sit in one of our laps ("ap")  and let her pet him. Pretty cute.

The backpack is one of her favorite items and she will repeat "bapac" over and over until she gets to ride in it.  Last night she decided she wanted one of her babies to ride in it, so she put baby in it, then sat down and buckled the waist strap around her waist.  Unfortunately, she couln't get it unbuckled and would sit there crying "STUCK!!!" until one of us would undo it for her.  Then, of course, the cycle would start again. 

Amazing kid, this one is!


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