Sunday, July 18, 2004


Dillon's really into giving kisses-- to everyone but Mom & Dad.  She kisses her "babies," she kisses the pictures in her books, she even tries to kiss Satchmo (which goes over like a lead balloon!).  It's pretty cute.  She's also into saying "Yeah!" to most questions.  "Dillon, do you want to have your diaper changed?"  "Yeah!"  At which point she'll start running the other direction so you can't actually change the diaper she so whileheartedly agreed to having changed.  At least she isn't screaming "NO!"
We spent a little time outside today, looking over the plants I worked hard on getting into the ground yesterday.  I was marveling at how much they had perked up and were looking pretty good, when Dillon decided to "weed" them for me as she has seen me doing several times.  It would be better if she'd actually pick weeds vs. the plants we paid money for!
Dave & I got to go to dinner by ourselves tonight, which was really nice.  Courtney, who works at the daycare Dillon went to for a while came to babysit for us.  Dillon & Courtney are big buddies & she has a great time when Courtney comes over.  Probably even Courtney got kisses from her, but still none for Mom & Dad. 
New words for the day:  Stuck and Gentle. 


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