Friday, July 16, 2004

17 months and 1 day

Dillon turned 17 months old yesterday.  She is just so much fun!  Today, my friend Denni's little boy Cyrus came over this morning.  He is 5 weeks younger than Dillon.  They are so funny to watch because they chase one another around and just laugh at one another for no apparent reason.  There's also the element of learning to share, but that's just part of life.  Both of them are such social kids that they really do get along well. 
After Cyrus left, we ran some errands- one of which was to get a pair of sandals from Payless Shoes.  That was like a little piece of heaven for the kid whose first word was "shoes!"  Can't tell you how much time I spent finding the box that a shoe came out of.  At least I only had to look so high :)
She is learning body parts.  She has back, toes and nose down really well, and is learning to point and say "eye"  Repeatedly, actually, in imitation of me pretending to poke myself in the eye to make her laugh.  Oh,well. I don't mind looking like an idiot to make her laugh- and teach her something as well!  She also knows hair and hand and foot, but hasn't said them yet.
Right now she is joyfully running around naked with a cracker in her hand.  Satchmo, of course, is not far behind.   As far as she's concerned, life really doesn't get much better than that!

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