Friday, July 30, 2004


That's her word for diaper.  She has now started telling me when she has pooped.  Sometimes she tells me that she has peed, but not as consistently.  She is also obsessing over the "diapers" on her babies.  She has several teddy bears and dolls that have little bloomers on them.  She has to pull all of them down,bring them to me and tells me "bup" over and over.  Then she moves on to something else and drops the baby, so we have all these little creatures with bare butts shining all over the floor!  Talk about a full moon!

We dropped some books for donation off at the library on Wednesday.  She told the librarian "thank you" in repsonse to her expression of thanks, then "Bye byeee" as we were leaving.  I think that's the first time she's put those together.  The librarian thought it was pretty cute, too.  Of course, how could you not?

It's supposed to be warm and sunny today, though it doesn't look too promising at 65 degrees and cloudy at the moment.  This has been a miserable summer, weather-wise.  There have been several days that the high for the day was below 70 with heavy clouds and rain.  Really, it's kind of depressing knowing that it is only a matter of a couple of months before it starts getting genuinely cold.  It's been like we aren't going to have a good dose of warm weather to help out mentally.  I can't believe there have been days in July that I've been comfortable wearing long sleeves.  Anyway, I'm hoping this afternoon we can go out to the community pool. They are supposed to have a pretty good kiddie area.

New words over the last couple days:  pig and knee and eat.  I sing Old MacDonald to her as entertainment during diaper changes.  I always ask her what animal Old MacDonald has and the day before yesterday she started acually saying pig.  She said knee as I was tickling her knee and she thought it was funny.  She's finally getting the concept of eating and actually asks to on occasion.  Of course the best to hope for is a few bites at a time, but at least she's doing that a few times a day instead of a few times a week!  The most popular words lately are "up" and "stuck."  Anytime she wants to see what is going on higher than she can see, it's "UP!" and anytime something doesn't happen as easily as she thinks they should, it's "STUCK!"  Of course "truck" is still high on the list as they are still out there working. 



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