Monday, April 21, 2008

Reality is setting in

We met with the real estate agent on friday. Our plan was to wait until the end of June to put our house up for sale, minimizing the amount of time I have to try to keep it clean with hurricanes Dillon and Corryn plotting against me. Jennifer, the agent was rather persuasive in convincing us that now is when people are really looking at homes in this area and we would be missing out on a huge market to not go ahead and do it now. We'll just ask for an August closing, she says.

All fine and good, and luckily the house was nearly clean enough when she came to look at it (which took hours of cleaning). The yard needs a lot of work and Dave has next to zero time off between now and the day it goes up for sale, though. There were some things she mentioned- Dillon's artwork has to come off of the windows (from her window markers), the kitchen and bathroom counters have to be clear (except appliances) when it's shown. Where am I going to put that stuff that's on it now? The bag of apples, the bananas, the bread.... Where am I going to put the stuff on the bathroom counter? Corryn can get the drawers open.

So, I'm in stressed, cleaning mode. I'm trying not to be neurotic every time a toy gets drug out, but I am sneaking some of messier ones away into storage.

This ought to be interesting. Let's hope it sells quickly so I can go back to not having to worry about it being super clean.


Anonymous said...

One more GIANT step!

flyingfisher said...

So have folks looked at it yet?