Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just one small thing was missing

We were going to a birthday party yesterday at 4:00. All day long Dillon asked- "Is it time for the party?" Over and over and over. Sometime early afternoon she took her clothes off for some reason- I think they got wet. She just left them off and ran around unclothed for the rest of the time. At 3:15 I told her we'd need to leave for the party soon and she needed to put clothes back on. As Dillon will do, she got distracted. Over and over and over. At 3:45, with a 20 minute drive ahead of us to get to the party, she headed down the steps to put her shoes on. I requested that she take another look to see if there was anything else she might need to do before we left.

"Oh yeah! I need to put clothes on!"

Oh to be so comfortable in your own skin that you forget that's all you're wearing...

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