Sunday, April 06, 2008

Catching up again!

Forever ago Karen tagged me to do a 10-20-30 thingie where you tell what you were doing 10, 20 and 30 years ago. It's taken me a while, what can I say?

Ten Years Ago

1998- I was 26, had been married for almost 3 years and Dave was 2 years into his undergrad work, working toward getting into medical school. We were living in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area growing weary of the traffic and the heat. I was working as a Pediatric ICU nurse at Cook Children's Medical Center in Ft. Worth. It seemed like life was hard at that point because we'd gone from 2 full time incomes to one and a part. That's pretty laughable to look back on that now :)

Twenty Years Ago

1988- I was 16 and in the 10th grade in Little Rock, Arkansas. It's funny that what reminded me to do this post was that I was cleaning out a closet today and found my prom dress from then.

I had a car about the same color as my dress, oddly enough. It was a Pontiac Sunfire with an aftermarket sunroof that leaked like crazy every time it rained. This made for a nice smelling car in the midst of the Arkansas summertime.

Thirty Years Ago

1978- 6 years old. I was in 1st grade at Lawson Elementary School. I remember that I loved learning to read and did so as often as possible. Maybe my mom will share some of her memories of me at that age in the comments....(hint, hint)

Yay for me, I got it done and had fun at it! And oh, yeah, got a closet cleaned out today!!


veganbaby said...

I have yet to do mine!
Thanks for reminding me.
PS: did you get my invite for my blog. i sent it to your yahoo address.

Anonymous said...

At 6 years of age, Wendy was always a joy to be around. She was always wanting to read and even when she ate breatfast would be reading the cereal box. If you saw her siting, she had a book or magazine in her hand. I was always amazed at how quickly she learned to do things.
When she was 6 or 7 years old, she was walking on a ladder that was on the ground and fell and hit her eye on a concrete block. She had to go to the hospital and get a few stitches. Scared me!!