Friday, May 18, 2007

Love is...

a little late this week! I just didn't have time yesterday to post.

Anyway- love is holding your sister's hand-

One of my favorite moments as of late was one day Corryn was on the floor and Dillon was sitting on her knees beside her, listening intently to a story being read. Corryn reached up in that erratic way she still does at 3 months old to grab Dillon's finger, but couldn't quite reach. Without ever looking down at her, Dillon put her hand down and a little closer to Corryn so she could grab hold. They stayed thay way through the end of the story.

We got lots of smiles in the grocery store yesterday as we did our shopping with Corryn in the sling and Dillon holding her hand. Made shopping a bit slower, but it didn't matter. I love that, at least for now, they both enjoy holding each other's hands. I pray that they always remember the importance of doing so.

So, Happy Love Thursday on friday! :)

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