Friday, November 26, 2004

Who's that?

She now has to know who everyone in her vicinity is. Repeatedly. Over and over she'll ask "who's that?" To her credit, once she remembers the answer, she stops asking who they are and starts asking what they are doing. We went to some friend's house Thanksgiving Day. Dillon kept asking who everyone was and was told that's Will, that's Mary, etc. Mary's name was the one that stuck. All afternoon, anytime she'd lose sight of Mary she'd ask "Mary doin'?" and we'd have to find Mary to see what she was doing.

Actually, I think the whole experience of having a toddler at their house for the afternoon was an eye-opener for Will and Mary, who are expecting their first child in February. Dillon behaved beautifully, but was, of course, a typical toddler. One of her main points of fascination was the cat. When the cat was nowhere to be found, the litter box became the next point of fascination. The poop obsession is still there, afterall. I did manage to keep her out of the litter box, but we had to have more conversations about cat poop than I ever care to have again! I also had to get up no less than 10 times during the 45 minutes or so that we were eating dinner. The look on their faces was one of fear that that was what they were in for. I assured them that this stage doesn't hit until they get really mobile and that it's a lot easier to deal with when you are in your own environment rather than someone else's home. I'm not sure they were convinced.

We spent a good bit of our day today cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner, which we'll finish and actually eat tomorrow. Dillon asked lots of times "Momma doin'?" then "Daddy doin'?" once he woke up and joined in. For Christmas we are getting her this thing called a Learning Tower so that she can see what we are doing. As she gets old enough to be able to do so, I'll let her start helping mix things and such. As it is, she loves to play at the sink pretending she is washing the dishes. It's actually one of the few things that will keep her occupied for a good 15 or 20 minutes. I'm pretty excited about it and I think she will love it.

Actually, I think she'll think Christmas in general is pretty cool- especially pulling ornaments off of the tree!

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