Sunday, November 14, 2004

Dillon's mama

She's figuring out possesion, as in what belongs to whom. This morning she kept coming up to me saying "Dillon's mama!" and hugginhg my leg. Awwwwwww- now if that won't make your heart melt :-) I remember one of the first times I heard another child refer to me as Dillon's mom- it was just the best feeling. She now goes all around the house identifying what belongs to mama ("Mama's coffee") and what belongs to Daddy ("Daddy's shoes") and Dillon ("Dillon's boots!!")

She's also into figuring out what fits into a certain space. We've been doing some moving furniture around with the painting and things, so she's had a good time trying to see what spaces she fits into. What's funny is that she was trying to fit through a space too small for her one evening. What she finally decided it just wasn't going to work, she got the picture of she and Mam-maw that we have framed and tried it several different directions until she got it to go through the space. She then proudly declared "Mam-maw fit!" Pretty creative, we thought.

Dave is in Arkansas deer hunting right now. I've been telling her all week that Daddy is in Arkansas and will be coming back at the end of the week. Tonight during dinner she said "arkansas, daddy?" out of the blue. Wow. That's a pretty big word. I was impressed! A little later, we were sitting in the floor reading "The Foot Book" and she pointed to her right foot at one of the pages that talks about right feet and said "Dillon right foot." I asked her which one was her right foot and she pointed to the correct one. So I asked which one was the left foot and she pointed to the left foot. Hmmmm..... I asked her which was my right foot and she got it right again, then did the same with the left foot. I think it's safe to say she knows right and left feet! I was even more impressed with that than I was her saying Arkansas!

Now, as for just the plain old cute stuff she says and does, there's a list--- "Gotcha!" "Silly Dillon" "Sing bus" (translation: sing "wheels on the bus")"ABC's" (sing ABC's) "Yummy!" said when she's pretending to taste something she's pretended to cook. "Baby sad" said anytime she hears a baby crying. She's also now starting to act out these whole scenarios with baby where she will make the baby sit (said in the same tone of voice used to get Satchmo to sit when he's all riled up), then lay down for a diaper change, complete with diaper wipe. Then she'll pretend to rock and nurse the baby, then walk around in the mini-stroller with baby. She's holding a whole conversation with the baby this whole time. The imitation is amazing, because she is imitating so much of what I do with her. Thank goodness she hasn't imitated anything that's made me cringe just yet! I'm sure that's coming!

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