Friday, November 19, 2004


Got and robe and my slippers. Where's my newspaper? 

E-I-E-I-O---- Or something like that! She was requesting the ever changing rendition of Old MacDonald. Usually she just requests it by animal, as in "Sing cow" or "Sing horsey." Last night it was this jumble of words that started with "sing," included "horsey" and culminated in a very rough version of the E-I-E-I-O. There were a few unrecognizable words in there as well. It was so cute!! I just had to laugh!

The robe she has on in the picture was a Christmas gift from Mimi & Addy last year. It's so funny to put it on her now and see how short it's gotten on her. It used to go down past her knees- now it doesn't even cover her diaper! We;ve used it a ton and I'll be sad when she outgrows it completely. The shoes are a recent gift from Daddy. We received them in the mail, I put them on her. 45 minutes later one of them was missing and stayed that way for 2 weeks. I looked EVERYWHERE for that silly thing. It turned out to be under her dresser. Didn't witness how it got there and can't even begin to venture a guess. There's a lot of things like that around here-- how did she get ahold of the digital camera that was sitting at the very back of the dresser beyond her reach ("camera-- toes" she says because she wants to see her toes on the screen on the back of the camera)? How did her sippy cup get down in the basement? How did the phone get dunked underwater? Ah, the little mysteries of having a toddler in the house.

Dave comes home today- thank goodness. While I have certainly enjoyed all the one on one time with Dillon, I've really missed him. Dillon will enjoy going to the airport and seeing the plane land and getting to see her Daddy. She does this great little happy dance when she sees him. It rivals any touchdown dance and is just a great deal cuter than an adult male doing it!

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