Sunday, October 31, 2004


They are everywhere!! Last night we drove 40 minutes north to the little town of Piermont to see jack-o-lanterns. This little town sponsors this event each year and goes all out for it. There must have been 1000 carved pumpkins to see. Part of them were in a field, part were in a simple cornstalk maze, part were just in large arrangements on the side of the road. They were some of the most intricately carved pumpkins I had ever seen Most were anyway-- there were a few that looked like someone punched them a couple of times, put a candle in it and called it done. In any case, Dillon enjoyed walking around and spending some time with her friend Pierce, whose mother's idea it was to go see all these pumpkins in the first place.

So, today, we went to a local farmer's market and picked out a "punkin" of our very own. Still haven't decided whether to actually carve it or just leave it whole and let Dillon roll it around. I guess we'll see what the weather's like tomorrow. No way am I carving it inside. There's enough mess in the house without adding pumpkin goo to the mix! There are a couple of community sponsored Halloween events tomorrow that we're planning on attending. Of course, Dillon will be looking o-so-cute in her ladybug costume.

Just a quick note about the cute things she does. Apparently, when I put a hat on her, I often declare "cute!" afterward. The reason I know this is that she finds things to put on my head, then stands back a little and says "Cute!" :-)

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