Monday, October 11, 2004


We went hiking on Friday! Dave got home really early, it was a beautiful day, the colors are gorgeous- we just couldn’t resist. So, we loaded up the backpack, some water and snacks and off we went for a hike around the same mountain pond that my friend Ginger & I hiked around. Dillon has now decided that the backpack is only fun for a little while and that walking is much more fun. So, needless to say, we didn’t really hike all that far despite being gone for almost 2 hours! It was fun letting her walk on the trail and to her credit, she stuck to it pretty well. Much more difficult was getting her to stay in forward motion—there are LOTS of fun things to look at in the woods. As an added bonus, she got to see a dog jump into the water, then shake all the water off. She was just in heaven!

Hiking with Daddy 

Dave was on call at the hospital yesterday, so it was just she & I. We went to the local farmer’s market in the morning. The pumpkins are starting to appear! It was fun seeing all the kids there running around the pumpkins. It’s also kind of sad to think that this particular farmer’s market shuts down in about 3 weeks until next April. That means winter is coming.

I took her to one of the local parks in the afternoon after a much-too-short nap. She’s now brave enough to climb right up on the playground equipment, walk across the little bridge thing to the spiral slide and head on down. She used to wait on me to go down with her but no more. Once she gets to the bottom, she walks right around, goes to the steps and climbs up to do it again. Of course, I’m up there to make sure she doesn’t decide to go down one of the structures that have to be climbed down. She has such a good time of it!


It seems as though she’s getting a molar. Ugh. She’s been really emotionally fragile and everything sends her into tears. She’s also been running a mild fever. I can feel a hard, raised area in the right molar area of her mouth. It also looks a little red and swollen. Most of the rest of her teeth have come through relatively easily- this time seems to be agonizing at best. She’s also been particularly attached to her Daddy. She’s spent lots of time today cuddled up on his shoulder or in his lap. He admits that he hates it that she feels bad, but really enjoys the snuggling with her. I think she misses him a lot when he’s on call. Really, I do too.

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