Tuesday, October 19, 2004


There's still lots of pretending going on around here. Her babies get lots of diaper changes. "Duckie," this obnoxious music-playing plastic duck sits at the table with her during lunch so she'll eat. Duckie gets a bite, Dillon takes a bite. But now she's starting to show her imagination. We were grocery shopping last week and I bought some canned pumpkin to make pumpkin bread. I handed it to her just to give her something to hold. She put it to her mouth and tipped it up, then said "coffee!" No, we don't give her coffee, but she does see us drink it. This evening she crawled into this rolling kitchen cart thing we have and said "Daddy! Push car!" As it was being pushed, she said "beep beep!" Lots of giggling went along with this. It's interesting to see how she is starting to pretend that an object is something else, whereas before it was mostly imitation. (I knew I needed to stop feeding the plastic duck at the table!). She's gotten a lot more into the kitchen stuff and likes to pretend she's cooking when I am. The cardboard stove I made her out of boxes and duck tape has become one of her favorite toys. She also likes it because she can move it from place to place.

We went to the park for a little while today & let her swing. It was pretty cold, so we didn't stay all that long. We did, though, come home, eat a snack and warm up, then go outside here at home. I worked on raking some leaves and Dillon worked on jumping in them. Pretty cute. She hasn't quite figured out how to throw them everywhere. Or maybe she doesn't see the need since they are already everywhere. She wanted to help rake, but gave up on it rather quickly since the pile of leaves was already as tall as she is.

All seems to be going well with Courtney coming to the house to watch Dillon on my work days. She takes her to the community playgroups which she says that Dillon really seems to enjoy. Poor Courtney, though, her car rolled down our driveway on Monday and rolled into a rock at the bottom. It did some damage to the bumper and the muffler. Thankfully she & Dillon were not in it at the time. Not sure what happened. Maybe too many leaves out there-- I better get Dillon trained on how to rake those things. She's got more energy that any of us!

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