Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Boo-boos and kisses

She has finally figured out kisses! We can say "Give me a kiss" and she'll lean in and smack her lips together. More often than not, she's just kissing air, but she's figured out the idea. She's also figured out that boo-boos are made better by kisses, so now all little hurts require kisses. Very often the babies hurt their toes and need kisses. Mom and Dad get boo-boos and need kisses. Satchmo has been the attempted target of a few kisses, but so far that's a no-go.

Speaking of Satchmo-- those two are like siblings. They torment one another endlessly. She torments him on any occasion he is sitting still in a reachable place-- like the couch. He torments her any time she has food. He steals food from her so she steals and eats his food. For a while we were letting her give him his treat after he went outside, but ended up chasing her through the house too many times trying to get the treat out of her mouth. Now she doesn't get to give Satchmo his treat anymore!

We're still working on raking up the 2 billion leaves in the yard. Dillon thinks it's pretty fun to stand in the middle of the pile you are creating. She also thinks it's fun to throw her ball into the pile. Unfortunately, the ball is only 4" in diameter and quickly drowns in the leaf pile, so that's a short-lived game! She had a good time playing in the fairly empty storage shed yesterday. "Daddy sit," "Door" (translation: close the bottom half of the door please, momma)"Dillon out, help" (translation: I want you to help me out of here so I can promptly crawl right back into her and ask you to shut the door again). We worked on "Dillon, rake leaves," but that, like giving Satchmo kisses, was a dismal failure.

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