Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And now she is 2

Two years old. Wow. How you've changed, my little one. You've gone from, shall we say, a bit of a grumpy baby to this happy, funny, giggly, mischievous (OK, that hasn't changed at all!) toddler. You have an ability to get into things that is mind-boggling. Given the number of times on any given day that you throw yourself into some activity that makes me want to sweep you up and wrap you tightly in some type of padding, you actually hurt yourself remarkably seldom. Which isn't the same thing as never, mind you- there was the trip to the ER the other night to check out the thumb that you slammed in the sliding door.

I find myself laughing at the silly things you do many times a day. I marvel at your willingness to let your sister dress you up in crazy outfits, so that you can present them to me proudly "Dilla dress!" I didn't think you'd ever talk, but sure enough, you are. Loudly and emphatically sometimes, as if you saved it all up for when you really had something to say. You are no longer scared of everyone other than immediate family- thank goodness. I have to admit that was a little tough.

Your birthday was simple and fun. Our homeschool group presented handmade cards, gifts and Happy Birthdays! From family, there were presents to open and test out-

Party clothes to wear-

And an extra big chocolate chip cookie (albeit a bit crumbly) to enjoy-

Happy 2nd Birthday, my little one!


Angie said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) I think Noah really misses you!

veganbaby said...

Happy Birthday! We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my baby girl!