Thursday, July 03, 2008

And so it goes at my house...

Someone came out last week to do a moving estimate. We walked outside to take a look at the outside furniture and found the dog out there. She had pooped, but let's just say had not quite gotten rid of all of it. She kept trying to get inside, which, of course, I wouldn't let her do. The moving company guy and I went back inside and went through the rooms so he could assess all that. In Dillon's room, I opened the closet with the stuffed animal bin in it. On the top of the pile was her favorite stuffed dog with it's rear end stuck up in the air, neatly covered by a diaper.

Good thing that stuffed dog had it's diaper on. What if it had had the same problem the real dog did? I just hate it when stuffed dog poop gets everywhere.


Anonymous said...

That could be terrible!!

flyingfisher said...

Oh, my! thanks for the laugh. I needed that!

As you might surmise this is the first time I've looked at your blog wsince early July!

family here for the past two + weeks; hectic, but full of love.

Glad the inspection was so successful!!!