Monday, March 19, 2007

When it rains...

it pours. At least it seems to around here.

Friday evening I had a horrible headache. Saturday morning I woke up with a painful spot in my right breast and still had the headache and as an added bonus, fever. Not bad, 99.5, but just enough to feel miserable. This plagued me the whole weekend with my fever getting as high as 101.1. I so don't want antibiotics, given my ability to grow yeast. Dillon also woke up with a runny nose saturday morning- her third time since Corryn was born.

The fever is gone this morning, but I still hurt. As a second added bonus, I woke up to Dillon throwing up this morning. She laying on the couch now, enjoying the very rare treat of getting to watch TV and seems to be feeling a bit better.

Fortunately, Dave called in today to be able to take care of us. Unfortunately, he'll have to hear from his residency program director about how the residency program should be his top priority, not his family- and he'll have to extend a day at the end. I'll save my opinion about the paternalistic, demeaning nature of medical training for another day. I'll just express how thankful I am for a husband that does not bow to the demand of putting the residency first and is willing to put up with the flak he'll have to endure for being available to his family.

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