Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Solstice!

It is officially the first day of winter. Well, actually not until 7:22 pm (EST), but hey, why bother with details when there's a reason to celebrate?! Of course, not that I'm celebrating the first day of winter, because, well, I'm not so much. What I'm celebrating is the return of the sun- the days start getting longer from here until the summer solstice! So what if it a mere number of seconds that the day is longer-- it's longer and that's all that matters!!

Dillon was asking what the solstice meant, so I was trying to explain it to her yesterday. I tried in vain to find a picture on the internet that would illustrate the tilt of earth away from the sun. When that didn't work, I tried drawing a picture. I drew a big picture of the sun, then a couple of pictures of the earth tilted forward and away. She seemed to follow, then after this 3 minute explanation was done, she said- "Now draw the earth touching the sun so it burns up!"

I think my explanation was lost on her. Maybe we'll just stick with "Now the sun will be out a little longer each day."

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O_Scientist said...

LOL, i love her wanting to burn up the earth.

Happy Day after Solstice ^^

We had a lot of fun, still have the fire going. Some day I'll post about it, I am a tad behind in my postings :)