Friday, December 08, 2006


That's what the thermometer says at our house. A balmy 16 degrees with about an inch and a half of snow. Wasn't it 60 degrees here last week?

We played outside a couple of times today until I got entirely too whiny about being cold. Dillon either got cold as well or just got tired of hearing me whine about it, I'm not sure. She had a good time pretending we were penguins in Antartica (no real stretch there...) and that I was protecting her from freezing. My solution was to pretend we were Carribean penguins and go inside. Yes, I realize there is no such thing as a Carribean penguin.

I got tagged by Karen to post 6 weird things about myself.
1) I profess a belief in a desire for homeschooling and teaching things honestly, yet I teach my child about some falsehood as Carribean penguins as a not so clever ploy to get to go inside. In my defense, the wind chill is 5 degrees.
2) Along those lines- I have the coldest feet on a living human being. I wear socks to bed year round and will only go sockless on the warmest of days.
3)I can curl my tongue.
4) I get up between 5:30-6:00 most mornings to exercise. And than I actually do it.
5) I stopped drinking cow's milk after we visited a farm and saw cow's being milked and an explanation of how they separate the baby from the mother after a certain amount of time so the baby doesn't drink all the milk. Dillon was an infant at the time and I was working, having to pump on the days that I worked. It just all added up to being completely repulsed by the thought of drinking a big glass of milk. As if that weren't weird enough, I still eat cheese, though.
6) I hate crowds. I'll go without something from the grocery store if it means I have to go when it would be crowded. Or I'll skip an event if it's more crowd than I think I can deal with.

So there you go...

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O_Scientist said...

Thanks for sharing some of your weirdnesses. I know how you feel about the cow's milk. I still remember going to Billings Farm and Tim (maybe at 6 or 7yo) being really upset by seeing the cows being milked. He said 'Shouldn't the cow's milk go to the cow babies????'

I can only agree.