Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ultrasound results

We have a baby with
- a 4 chambered heart with a hole where it should be at this point
-Intestines inside the body
- 2 kidneys, located in the correct places
- an intact spine with no signs of any defects
- appropriately sized ventricles within the brain
- a moving mouth- and everything else for that matter
and .....

- little girl parts

So, it's another girl! We're happy, though we would've been happy with a boy, too. Dillon was far more interested in the box of toys in the ultrasound room than the actual ultrasound. The u/s tech got some really great views, even a great profile view of the baby from the shoulders down, looking like she was trying to stand up on my bladder!

It was fun seeing the baby and reassuring to see that everything looks pretty good. Unless there's a problem, that'll be the last look we get at her until she's born. Dillon says she's fine with having a sister, even though she had said she wanted a brother.

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